Dora Ivonne no puede caminar y Don Cheto pide tu voto para que gane un vehículo para su transportación

Escrito   ▪  25/04/2012


Don Cheto y Marlene del Show de Don Cheto se comprometieron esta semana a ayudar a que Dora Ivonne Fernández reciba los votos necesarios para ganar un vehículo que le ayudaría a transportarse a donde ella quiera. Dora Ivonne Fernández tiene una devastadora enfermedad que le ha robado la habilidad de caminar...

para votar solo haz clic en este link y luego escribe el código 750 y tu información.

Esta es  la historia de Dora Ivonne Fernández...

At a young age, I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth a type of muscular dystrophy. I’ve learned to live with the condition and its complications and, more importantly, to value myself and the things I can do. I try to do as much as possible on my own. In my years of infancy, I could walk with the help of a walker and braces. Inevitably, my conditions worsened, and I ended up confined to a wheelchair. It seemed everything would be more difficult, and at times, it was. But I never gave up. I’ve always tried to be a good student, but my immobility did not help. Trying to get to school was a challenge. Especially junior high because it was then that i began using a wheelchair. This took place in México. Aside from the limited medical resources and poverty worsened the circumstances, making for a hard stage in my life. Moving to the U.S. with my dad seemed to be the better option. Conditions were more ideal as far as treatment for my health, but there were rocky relationships at home. I had moved here in search of a better life,a nd I was going to find it. The U.S. is more accommodating of people with disabilities— modifications make it much easier. However,those aren’t all of our inconveniences. There are a slew of other complications, including the meeting of our basic needs. But, without a doubt, the most tiring of them is mobility, moving from one place to another. Someone isn’t always available to help (and we can’t do it on our own). I’ve always thought myself to be independent, and as much as I try, I can’t always be. Transportation is always an issue. I would love not having to depend on people to give me rides all the time, and this modified vehicle would help eliminate that.I t is difficult for me to move from one place to another. But I never give up. I have strived to be someone in life, and I work toward my goals. This car would further make me the independent person I want to be. I’ve learned to value life, challenges and all. It’s been a rough road,but I’ve managed.And I didn’t need my two legs to navigate it. My two wheels have sufficed. But four big wheels would be even better and forever appreciated.

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