The new High School drama titled ‘East Los High.

Escrito   ▪  24/06/2013

If you haven’t seen it, you definitely have to catch the new High School drama titled ‘East Los High.’

The show premiered June 3rd on Hulu, which calls it a ‘Hulu Original Series.’ The new series “is not your typical high school.” As the setting takes place in East Los Angeles and features an all Latino cast, director, writers and creators, many who are from East L.A. themselves.

The show has dance, sex, romance, love and plenty drama, which has brought mixed reviews from various Latino groups who feel that the show is full of negative stereotypes.

On a personal note I’ve watched 11 episodes and I can tell you that I love the show and have been hooked ever since. Yes there are stereotypes and yes there is sex, but the truth of the matter is that regardless of what people say, some of this stuff is happening in many high school’s across the country.

Must Watch: East Los High

Must Watch: East Los High

If it wasn’t happening MTV would not have a show on teenage mothers. And teenagers wouldn’t be killing themselves over constant bullying, drugs and so many other issues.

I saw many of these things in my high school experience growing up in Killeen, Texas with the exception that the people in similar situations as East Los High were not just Latino, as my school was extremely diverse due to the U.S. Army base of Ft. Hood.

I got a good friend of mine to watch the series, and I shared with him about the negative feelings some people had about the show. He liked the show and mentioned his high school experience in Vancouver, WA and said “I took at least 5 friends to the abortion clinic, they were all white girls. One of them I took twice, so yeah this stuff happens in many high schools.”

Must Watch: East Los High

Must Watch: East Los High

Right from the start Producer/director Carlos Portugal gave East Los High writers three “no’s” for the series “The cast of “East Los High” will have no gardeners, no gang members and no maids,” says Portugal. He continued with “I know that a lot of my actor friends are sick of playing them. It’s time to create new characters for Latino actors to play and show the world the potential of their range as actors.”

And as an actor myself I have to agree with him, and I feel that the actors in East Los High are more than stereotypical characters, they are bringing awareness to many issues that need to be addressed. The show also had more than 15 leading public health organizations advised on the scripts and content to address teen issues related to relationships and sexuality in a meaningful way.

Now about Season 2 Carlos Portugal recently told me at the MediaCon conference that at the time he wasn’t sure about the status regarding a second season. All I know if there is….. I’m definitely auditioning for a role!!



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