The Truth About First Impressions And Straight Or Crooked Teeth (Infographic)

Escrito   ▪  28/06/2013


  • First Impressions

You might think that this chart put out by Invisalign (the company which straightens teeth with clear aligners) is mostly about teeth—and you’re right. But there also happens to be a lot more to the message than just straight teeth!

Firstly, we are all interested in looking our best…and first impressions do mean a lot… especially when it comes to our smile. And teeth do play a part in our smile! When you see someone with crooked or broken teeth, are you impressed? And when teeth are yellow, how impressed are you? As for bad breath–we aren’t going to go there–yikes!

The Invisalign chart also breaks down our facial features, eyes, teeth, nose, complexion and what we remember most after meeting someone. Did you know that a person’s eyes are the most memorable feature…well at least according to the chart?

Since Invisalign created this chart, it does concentrate on straight versus crooked teeth along with our perceptions and how a person’s teeth and smile can affect other aspects of our lives–jobs, money, relationships, etc. Invisalign may be a bit biased with the numerical comparisons, but am sure you will find the percentages well…quite interesting!

O.K. maybe we in the U.S. have put too much emphasis on our pearly whites. As to whether we have or have not–it’s for you to decide. So the next time you look in the mirror, you just may want to take another look at your smile and see what image it portrays!


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