Ya compraste tus boletos? Messi y sus Amigos vs El Resto del Mundo

Escrito   ▪  28/06/2013



Los Angeles, CA - The most anticipated soccer match of the entire decade is coming to the city of Los Angeles “Messi and Friends vs. Rest of the World –

Battle of the Stars”.  


The once in a life time event will take place on July 3, 2013 at the historic Memorial Coliseum in the City of Los Angeles. 

The soccer game will be led by Lionel Messi, one of the most dominant athletes in sports, who has been recognized as the best soccer player by FIFA four years in a row. This historic soccer match will showcase 28 of the top world soccer figures such as Giovani Dos Santos, Javier Mascherano, Robert Lewandowski, Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique, Robinho De Souza, Sergio Busquets, and Kun Aguero among other soccer stars, promising to be the greatest game on Earth of its type.  An event that simply won’t happen again.

A press conference will be held on Tuesday, June 11th at 12 noon at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where the final line up will be announced, where Lionel Messi will confirm the match and the official uniform will be revealed.

RSVP to press conference at pressconference@messiandfriendslosangeles.com


This historic soccer match is the perfect opportunity for brands to highly increase their brand awareness nationally as the match will be transmitted nationwide.

For event information and sponsorships please visit official website www.messiandfriendslosangeles.com

Sponsorship opportunities at sponsorships@messiandfriendslosangeles.com or

call (310)922-1010 or (310)612-1749


Tickets to this memorable event are on sale at http://www.ticketmaster.com


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